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Relationship: Daughter of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks & Thisbe Quilley Read

John & Amy Giles



  • Born: (29 Jan 1870) (Parley's Park, Summit, Utah, USA)
  • Died: (1 Apr 1935) (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Buried: ( ) (Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Plot: Rose Lawn Section, Lot 193 B


John George Giles m. (21 Dec 1887) (St. George, Washington, Utah, USA)


  1. Eva Alicia Giles b. (29 Oct 1888) (Floral Ranch, Pleasant Creek, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  2. Edna Mabel Giles b. (7 Feb 1890) (Floral Ranch, Pleasant Creek, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  3. John Ray Giles b. (16 Aug 1893) (Grover, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  4. Ruby Laura Giles b. (26 May 1895) (Floral Ranch, Pleasant Creek, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  5. Ruth Naomi Giles b. (1 Dec 1898) (Manti, Sanpete, Utah, USA)
  6. Theodore Hanks Giles b. (6 Mar 1907) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)


Ephraim Knowlton Hanks b. (21 Mar 1826) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
Thisbe Quilley Read b. (25 Apr 1845) (Stepney, London, Middlesex, England)


  1. Ella Mariam Hanks; b. (2 Nov 1863) (Heber, Wasatch, Utah, USA)
  2. Walter Ernest Hanks; b. (19 Jun 1865) (Provo, Utah, Utah, USA)
  3. Martha Georgenia Hanks; b. (20 Aug 1867) (Parley's Park, Summit, Utah, USA)
  4. Amy Alicia Hanks; b. (29 Jan 1870) (Parley's Park, Summit, Utah, USA)
  5. Thisbe Hanks; b. (28 Mar 1872) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)
  6. Knowlton Hanks; b. (26 Jan 1874) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)
  7. Sidney Alvarus Hanks; b. (4 Apr 1875) (Parley's Park, Summit, Utah, USA)
  8. Raymond Elijah Hanks; b. (24 Aug 1876) (Parley's Park, Summit, Utah, USA)
  9. Lillie Maria Hanks; b. (2 Aug 1879) (Burrville, Sevier, Utah, USA)
  10. Arthur Eugene Hanks; b. (14 May 1882) (Burrville, Sevier, Utah, USA)
  11. Nettie May Hanks; b. (8 Nov 1884) (Pleasant Creek, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  12. Clara Ellen Hanks; b. (9 Aug 1888) (Pleasant Creek, Wayne, Utah, USA)


Amy Alicia Hanks was born 29 January, 1870 at Parley's Park, Summit, Utah. She was the fourth child of Thisbe and Ephraim Hanks. Her family was living at the Floral Ranch when she met John George Giles. John had sheep near Hanksville and Green River. Ephraim Knowlton Hanks, met him at Fruita and invited him to come over to the ranch. John fell in love with Amy Hanks. They made the long trip by buggy and horse to the St. George Temple where they were married the 21 Dec., 1887.

They built a home at the Floral Ranch. Eva Alicia and Edna Mabel and Ruby were born there. John Ray was born in Grover 16 Aug. 1893. He died 13 Feb. 1907.

Eva Alicia writes this of her parents: “When I was four years old I spent much of my time at Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s home. Aunt Clara Hanks and I were always together. She was two months older than I. After Grandfather Hanks died, my family moved to Manti where we lived for seven years. Ruth Naomi was born there.

We moved to Salt Lake in 1904. Theodore was born in Salt Lake City, 6 Mar. 1907; he died 23 April, 1948 and is buried in Salt Lake City near his Uncle Raymond E. Hanks.

Amy was my parent’s seventh child, she was also born in Salt Lake.

Mother and Father moved to Los Angeles where they lived together for fifteen years. Father died 15 Sept. 1934 and Mother died six months later, 1 April 1935. They are buried in Los Angeles, California.

- Descendants of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks, Compiled by Golden Leon Jackman and Teton Hanks Jackman.

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