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Burrville Branch, of Sevier Stake, Sevier Co., Utah, consisted of the Latter-day Saints residing in the village of Burrville, situated in Grass Valley, six miles north of Koosharem, of which ward the Burrville saints constitute a part.

Burrville was settled by Latter-day Saints in 1873, under the direction of George Washington Bean and others. A lumber house was built that year and considerable hay gathered. About the same time Albert K. Thurber built a log house on Greenwich Creek. Some difficulties between the Indians and Whites in Grass Valley in 1873 caused a temporary vacation of Burrville, but it was permanently re-settled in 1875. A small log school house was erected in 1878. Charles C. Burr was the first presiding Elder (1876) at Burrville.

The saints at Burrville were organized as a regular branch of the Church Sept. 14, 1878, with Thomas Beck as presiding Elder. He was succeeded later the same year by Ephraim K. Hanks, who presided until June 4, 1882, when the Burrville Branch of the Grass Valley Ward was organized as the Burrville Ward with William H. Cloward as Bishop. He was succeeded in 1890 by Joseph S. Whitehead, who in 1891 was succeeded by Henry A. Teeples, who in 1900 was succeeded by John Forbes Anderson, who in 1902 was succeeded by Leonard A. Hill, who was the last Bishop. The ward organization was then discontinued and Norman Fillmore was chosen as presiding Elder. On Oct. 7, 1906, Frederick R. Curtis was chosen as presiding Elder of the Burrville Branch. He was released Nov. 18, 1918, and succeeded by Wilford P. Burr, who in 1920 was succeeded by Myron L. Burr, who in 1923 was succeeded by Henry Knight, who presided until 1925, when the branch organization was discontinued and the few remaining families of saints at Burrville were amalgamated with the Koosharem Ward.

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