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*[ Probate Record]
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*[,0,%26LimitsId=0%26StartIndex=0%26SearchField=2032%26SearchType=0%26SearchData=hanks%26NotAddToHistory=1%26ItemsPerPage=10%26SortField=2%26PeriodLimit=0%26SearchAvailableOnly=0&DataNumber=427500&RecordNumber=427500&SearchAvailableOnly=0&FormId=-894&ItemField=1&Config=comm&Branch=,0, Obituary Death Index]
*[ Madison South Ridge/Tisdel, Antisdel, Pioneer]
*[ Madison South Ridge/Tisdel, Antisdel, Pioneer]

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Relationship: Father to Ephraim Knowlton Hanks

Benjamin Hanks, Died, March 12th 1843, Aged 55 years. (footstone) B.H.; Section E, Row 5, Marker 1 - courtesy of Patricia Brighton Rust




Martha Knowlton m. (1 Sep 1811) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)


  1. Mary Ann Hanks; b. (30 Aug 1812) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  2. Calvin Azariah Hanks; b. (1813) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  3. Knowlton Hanks; b. (2 May 1816) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  4. Marcia Hanks; b. (1818) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  5. Sidney Alvarus Hanks; b. (16 Aug 1820) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  6. Orson Hanks; b. (1822) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  7. Eliza D. Hanks; b. (May 1824) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  8. Ephraim Knowlton Hanks; b. (21 Mar 1826) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  9. Elijah Hanks; b. (10 Apr 1828) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  10. Benjamin William Hanks; b. (28 Oct 1829) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  11. Martha Knowlton Hanks; b. (Oct 1831) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  12. Otis Holbrook Hanks; b. (10 Nov 1832) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)


Elijah Hanks b. (30 Aug 1761) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
Mary Walker b. (14 Aug 1763) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)


  1. Joseph B. Hanks b. (1 Dec 1782) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  2. Elijah R. Hanks b. (10 Apr 1784) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  3. Clorinda B. Hanks b. (24 Dec 1785) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  4. Benjamin Hanks b. (12 Jun 1788) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  5. John Hanks b. (12 Jun 1788) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  6. Lucinda Hanks b. (14 Jun 1790) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  7. Martha (Patty) Hanks b. (29 Apr 1792) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  8. Esther Hanks b. (13 Oct 1794) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  9. Joseph Walker Hanks b. (29 Mar 1796) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)

Last Will & Testament

Obituary of Benjamin Hanks - "In Madison, on the 12th (March) of pulmonary consumption, Mr. Benj. Hanks, aged 55 years" - Painesville Telegraph, 29 Mar 1843, page 3, col 3 - courtesy of Georgi Rolan

I, Benjamin Hanks, of the County of Lake, in the State of Ohio, do make and publish this, my last will and testament in manner and form following, Amen.

1st, I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, Martha Hanks, in lieu of her dower, the plantation on which we now reside, situated in the State of Ohio, in the County of Lake, and in the township of Madison, containing about one hundred and ten acres during her natural life, and all the livestock, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, and by me now owned and kept thereon, also the household furniture, and other items not particularly described and otherwise deposed of in this will, during her natural life as aforesaid; she, however, first disposing of a sufficiency thereof to pay all my just debts as aforesaid, and that at the death of my said wife, all the property hereby devised and bequeathed to her as aforesaid, or so much thereof as may then remain unexpended, I bequeath to my children as follows to their heirs and ? forever.

1st, I Benjamin Hanks, of the State of Ohio, County of Lake, and township of Madison, do give and bequeath to Knowlton Hanks the sum of ten dollars. I give and devise to my son, Alvarus S. Hanks, the sum of ten dollars. I give devise and bequeath to my son, Ephraim K. Hanks, the sum of ten dollars.

The remaining portion left unexpended I give and bequeath to my five children, Orson Hanks, Elijah Hanks, Benjamin Hanks, Martha Hanks, and Otis Hanks, to be equally divided among them.

And lastly, I hereby constitute and approve Andrews Meriman, and D. P. Sherey to be the executors of this, my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

On testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty two.

Benjamin Hanks

Executed in the presence of Cushing Cunningham & Amandus O. Winchester

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