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Azariah Hanks, Section E, Row 3, Marker 1

Relationship: Grand Uncle to Ephraim Knowlton Hanks
Association: First pastor of the Baptist church in Madison, Lake, Ohio




Keziah m. (abt 1799) ( , Tolland, Connecticut, USA)


John Hanks b. (5 Oct 1730) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
Tabitha Hall b. (9 Jun 1734) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)


  1. Abigail Hanks b. (6 Jul 1750) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  2. Isaac Hanks b. (15 Jan 1752) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  3. Tabitha Hanks b. (10 Apr 1754) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  4. Ann Hanks b. (25 Feb 1756) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  5. John White Hanks b. (23 Jan 1758) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  6. Ruth Hanks b. (17 Dec 1759) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  7. Elijah Hanks b. (30 Aug 1761) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  8. Mary Hanks b. (12 Nov 1764) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  9. Elizabeth Hanks b. (9 Nov 1767) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  10. Theophilus Sargent Hanks b. (1 Mar 1769) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  11. Azariah Hanks b. (20 Sep 1774) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  12. Diadema Hanks b. (25 Jun 1776)(Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  13. Enoch Hanks b. (9 Jan 1779) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)


DEATH: Telegraph Notice is dated 1832, marker is dated 1833.

DEATH: Hanks, Azariah, Section E, Row 3, Marker 1; ELD./ Azariah Hanks/ Died/ Aug. 10, 1833,/ Aged 58 yrs. SOURCE: Madison South Ridge Cemetery (Tisdel, Antisdel, Pioneer) (Inactive); Madison Cemetery; COMPILED: Sherry Smith.

HISTORY: "History of Geauga and Lake Counties, Ohio". Benjamin Hanks' uncle, Azariah Hanks, was a Calvinistic Baptist minister. He was a charter member of the Baptist church in Chardon, Ohio Sept. 1, 1817. He was the first minister whose regular services were secured for one-half of the time, alternating between Hambden and Chardon in 1818. In 1828 he was the pastor of the Euclid Baptist Church. Azariah was the first pastor of the Baptist church in Madison which was formed April 6, 1831 where he served for two years. He died 10 August 1833 in Madison and is buried in South Ridge Cemetery. I do know the family were founding members of the Baptist church in Mansfield, Connecticut as well. I would assume that Benjamin and his family would have attended the church of his Uncle Azariah; SOURCE: Barbara Hanks Shannon; COMPILED: Sherry Smith.

HISTORY: Azariah Hanks, a great pioneer preacher whose life had been spent in organizing Baptist Churches in many parts of Ohio, even as far away as Granville and one at Euclid. He came to live with relatives on the South Ridge west of Madison. He became the first paster of the organized church in Madison on April 6, 1831. His health had been so undermined by the many hardships he had endured that he live only a short time after his taking on his last pastorate. He is buried in the Old South Ridge Cemetery.

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