Ashford, Windham, Connecticut

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The town of Ashford is located in Windham County, in North Eastern Connecticut, on a tract purchased from Indians and formally recognized by the General Assembly in 1684. Covering 40.3 sq.miles and home to 3,920, the town was settled in 1710 by four families and only four years later in 1714, the town was incorporated. The town developed quickly because it was located on the original thoroughfare between Hartford and Boston. Several carding, woolen, and tin factories were established after the War of 1812.

Towns in Windham County, Connecticut: Abington, Ashford, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Chaplin, Eastford, Hampton, Killingly, Plainfield, Pomfret, Putnam, Scotland, Sterling, Thompson, Willimantic, Windham, Woodstock


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