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Reddick Allred & twin brother


Reddick Newton Allred was born February 21, 1822 in Bedford County, Tennessee. His parents were Isaac and Mary Calvert Allred. He and his twin brother, Redden, were baptized into the Latter-day Saints Church in the spring of 1833 by John Ivie. On the 25th of April, 1838 the family moved to Far West and in October, 1839, "The Prophet Joseph Smith presiding, my brother Redden and myself were ordained Elders."

During the building of the Nauvoo Temple, Reddick worked as a mason. On November 26, 1843 he married Lucy Hoyt, starting married life without house, land, money or stock, except one cow.

Reddick N. Allred was among those who vacated Nauvoo but later returned to help his townfolk. The family then journeyed to Council Bluffs where the Mormon Battalion was being recruited. After enlisting, he left his wife and one child in the care of his father.

The Battalion marched to Fort Leavenworth for equipment and Reddick was appointed Quartermaster Sergeant to deal out rations for Company "A" and have charge of the baggage train. This permitted him to have his baggage hauled. On July, 1847, before ranks were broken, a sealed letter was opened by Levi Hancock signed by the Apostles, saying, "You will meet the Church in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake on the East side of the foot of the mountains."

After his discharge from service Reddick returned to Council Bluffs. On December 19, 1847 he crossed the Missouri River and went eight miles to Allred's settlement where he found his wife and child. Later a celebration was proclaimed by President Brigham Young in the little log tabernacle at Kanesville and the returned soldiers were invited as special guests.

In the spring of 1849, Reddick drew up a land warrant, traded it for two yoke of oxen and a wagon and set about making preparations for the journey to Utah. The first week in June they started for the valley. Reddick was Captain of the second fifty and had charge of 73 wagons. He drove the lead wagon to Salt Lake where the company arrived October 16, 1849.

Reddick Allred lived at various times in Salt Lake, Davis, Juab and Sanpete counties where he became an honored and beloved leader in the communities in which he lived. He passed away in Chester, Sanpete County in 1905.

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