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Relationship: Stepbrother to Harriet Amelia Decker

Association: Isaac Perry Decker, then aged six, was the "senior child" of the famous pioneer company of 1847. The "junior child" was Perry's stepbrother Lorenzo Sobieski Young. At the "This Is The Place" monument, in Pioneer Park, both boys' names appear in durable bronze.



  • Born: (9 Mar 1841) (Winchester, Scott, Illinois, USA)
  • Died: (28 Mar 1924) (Shelley, Bingham, Idaho, USA)
  • Buried: (Shelley, Bingham, Idaho, USA)


Lorenzo Dow Young b. (19 Oct 1807) (Smyrna, Chenango, New York, USA)
Persis Goodall b. (15 Mar 1806) (Watertown, Jefferson, New York, USA)


Sarah Amelia Black m. (15 Jul 1872) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)


  1. Joseph Watson Young b. (22 Jun 1873) (Glendale, Kane, Utah, USA)
  2. Persis Amy Young b. (15 Oct 1874) (Glendale, Kane, Utah, USA)
  3. Lorenzo Dow Young b. (18 May 1877) (Orderville, Kane, Utah, USA)
  4. Howard William Young b. (2 Feb 1880) (Orderville, Kane, Utah, USA)
  5. Sobriskie Grant Young b. (16 Apr 1882) (Orderville, Kane, Utah, USA)
  6. Guernsey Brown Young b. (3 Jan 1884) (Loa, Wayne, Utah, USA)
  7. Charles Lorenzo Young b. (1 Sep 1886) (Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA)
  8. Chillus Young b. (18 Aug 1897) (Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA)
  9. Benjamin Franklin Young b. (17 May 1889) (Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA)
  10. Orville Harry Young b. (26 Jan 1900) (Huntington, Emery Utah, USA)
  11. Angus Young b. (14 Apr 1891) (Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA)
  12. Tamar Young b. (1 Dec 1893) (Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA)


Young, Lorenzo Zobieski, (also spelled Sobieski), one of the two children in the original pioneer company (a child of six years of age at the time), was born March 9, 1841, in Winchester, Morgan Co., Illinois, a son of Lorenzo D. Young and Persis Goodall.

With his father and his wife Clara Decker Young, the boy came to Great Salt Lake Valley in July, 1847.

His second name, Zobieski, was traced back to John III, king of Poland, after whom he was named. Like his father, Lorenzo D. Young,

Zobieski, as he was generally called, loved horticulture, and at 85 years of age expressed his joy that winter would soon be gone and he could again work in his garden. He died March 28, 1904, at Shelley, Idaho, survived by several children.

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