Josiah Arnold

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Josiah Arnold
Josiah Arnold



  • Birth: (1 Oct 1801) (Hoosick, Rensselaer, New York, USA)
  • Died: (2 Sep 1859) (West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)
  • Buried: (3 Sep 1859) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)


Martha Mc Duffie m. (1826)


  1. Marette Arnold

Elizabeth Bliss m. 1 Sep 1831) (, , New York, USA)


  1. Margaret Elizabeth Arnold
  2. Caroline Arnold
  3. Orson Pratt Arnold
  4. Joseph Smith Arnold

Clarissa Lora Jones m. (21 Jul 1854) (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA)


  1. Maria Tryphena Arnold
  2. Hyrum Chester Arnold


BURIED: at Salt Lake Cemetery, Bk Plot F Block 7 Lot 10 by members of the Read and Arnold family. Headstone was never placed at site. The Clara Snell marker was restored through the Arnold family trust. A tree near the marker had grown so large that it broke the monument. The sexton would not consent to the tree being trimmed or removed. The monument was taken to Bob Dalton Memorial in Highland Utah. The monument consists of three pieces of granite. Mr. Dalton drilled steel rods to hold the upper two granite together. Epoxy glue was also applied. The monument was moved about 2 feet from the tree with a new cement base being poured. Ella's engraving was done on the Clara Snell marker and readied for Memorial Day 1997. Engraving reads: "Ella Mariam Hanks, 2 Nov 1863-7 Feb 1964. RESEARCH: Sherry Smith.

INTERMENT: MEMBERS NAMED ON THE MARKER: Ella Mariam Hanks, daughter of Ephraim K. Hanks and Thisbe Read; Milbrough Weyher, daughter of Clara Read and William Cook; Charles Drown, shot by some unknown person, 28 Aug 1859, friend of Josiah Arnold; Samuel W. Richards (nephew, son of Elizabeth Georgina Cook); John Borlase, step-bro-in-law to Josiah Arnold, died St. Mary's hospital, born in Cornwall, England, died 5 Jan 1881, cause of death is homicide, shot by D. Jenkins; Josiah Arnold, father-in-law to Alicia Read, shot by some unknown person along with Charles Drown; Hyrum Chester Arnold, son of Josiah Arnold; John Snell, second husband to Clara Read; William Greenley Cook, first husband to Clara Read; Georgina Arnold, baby daughter to Alicia Read and O.P. Arnold (Georgina's head marker is where her parents are buried but Georgina is buried where the Snell marker is placed); RESEARCH: Sherry Smith.

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