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Relationship: Faternal great grandfather of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks



  • Born: (5 Oct 1730) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Died: (23 Feb 1815) (Greenwich, Washington, New York, USA)
  • Buried: (Enoch Hanks Farm, Cassayuna Heights, 11 miles northeast of Greenwich, New York, USA)


Tabitha Hall m. (24 Jan 1749) (Greenwich, Washington, New York, USA)


  1. Abigail Hanks b. (6 Jul 1750) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  2. Isaac Hanks b. (15 Jan 1752) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  3. Tabitha Hanks b. (10 Apr 1754) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  4. Ann Hanks b. (25 Feb 1756) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  5. John White Hanks b. (23 Jan 1758) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  6. Ruth Hanks b. (17 Dec 1759) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  7. Elijah Hanks b. (30 Aug 1761) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  8. Mary Hanks b. (12 Nov 1764) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  9. Elizabeth Hanks b. (9 Nov 1767) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  10. Theophilus Sargent Hanks b. (1 Mar 1769) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  11. Azariah Hanks b. (20 Sep 1774) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  12. Diadema Hanks b. (25 Jun 1776)(Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
  13. Enoch Hanks b. (9 Jan 1779) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut), USA)


Martha Huntington m. (6 Sep 1791) (, , Connecticut, USA)


Benjamin Hanks b. (16 Jul 1702) (Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
Mary White b. (1704) (Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


  1. Isaac Hanks b. (1 Jun 1725) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  2. Abigail Hanks b. (28 Aug 1726) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  3. William Hanks b. (23 Oct 1728) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  4. Deacon John Hanks b. (5 Oct 1730) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  5. Richard White Hanks b. (8 Nov 1734) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  6. Uriah Hanks b. (4 May 1736) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  7. Benjamin Hanks b. (20 Aug 1738) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  8. Mary Hanks b. (7 Jun 1741) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  9. Silas Hanks b. (20 May 1744) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
  10. Rachel Hanks b. (about 1746) (Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


John born on Saquish Island, Plymouth, Massachusetts. John almost grew to manhood on the island and when sixteen he and his family, in 1746, moved to Mansfield, Connecticut. The family lived in the Mansion House on Hanks Hill, built by his father with the help of his brother, sisters, and himself.

Deacon John served in the Revolutionary War as a Sgt. from Connecticut per the DAR Patriot Index. Served as a Minute Man. On Lexington Alarm from Mansfield per "First Families of America", p. 551.

During the Revolutionary war he entered the army and was in the siege of Boston in 1775 in the 2nd Company of Gen. Putnam's Third Regiment. John was engaged at Bunker Hill.

John Hanks was for many years a Deacon of the First Congregational Church of Mansfield where he resided until 1799, when he moved to Ashford. Here for a time he was a surveyor.

About 1803 he went to Greenwich, New York to live with his son Enoch and although seventy-three years old still continued in active business dealing largely in real estate, in the later part of his life many of his deeds being signed for him by his sons.

Enoch Hanks Farm

Bunker Hill Inn Map

Hanks farm in Washington County is located on what is now called Bunker Hill Road, Cassayuna Heights, 11 miles northeast of Greenwich, New York. The Bunker Hill Inn is now located on the farmland. Although the Hanks family burial ground is located on the farm, the markers have been removed. The farm was operated by the Coldwell family just prior to the opening of the Inn. The website for the Inn is www.Bunker Hill

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