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Relationship: Fraternal aunt to Ephraim Knowlton Hanks

Esther Hanks Young - courtesy of Crystal Boggs. The gravestone is laying flat and is broken. By standing over the gravestone and running your fingers over the letters you can could see the name Esther.




John Young m. (3 Jan 1813); Divorced in 1850

13 Children:

  1. Warner W. Young b. (11 Mar 1820) (Perry, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  2. Flavia A. Young b. (30 Jun 1821) (, , Ohio, USA)
  3. Trumbull Young b. (abt 1824) (, , Ohio, USA)
  4. Paulina Young b. (abt 1826) (, , Ohio, USA)
  5. Danford Young b. (abt 1828) (, , Ohio, USA)
  6. Angeline C. Young b. (Dec 1829) (Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA)
  7. Palmer Young b. (abt 1836) (, , Ohio, USA)


Elijah Hanks b. (30 Aug 1761) (Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut, USA)
Mary Walker b. (14 Aug 1763) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)


  1. Joseph B. Hanks b. (1 Dec 1782) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  2. Elijah R. Hanks b. (10 Apr 1784) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  3. Clorinda B. Hanks b. (24 Dec 1785) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  4. Benjamin Hanks b. (12 Jun 1788) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  5. John Hanks b. (12 Jun 1788) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  6. Lucinda Hanks b. (14 Jun 1790) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  7. Martha (Patty) Hanks b. (29 Apr 1792) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  8. Esther Hanks b. (13 Oct 1794) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)
  9. Joseph Walker Hanks b. (29 Mar 1796) (Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, USA)



I, Esther Young of the county of Lake & state of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form, that is to say:

First: It is my will that all my funeral charges and all my just debts be paid.

Secondly: I give, bequeath & devise to my two daughters Paulina Young and Angelina Young all my real estate together with all my household furniture, beds, clothing of every description. Also my cow and provisions to hold equally and if either of them are taken away by death the surviving one shall be her sold heir to the above mentioned property.

Thirdly: I give devise and bequeath to Trumbull Young, Danford Young, and Palmer Young each five dollars in cash.

Fourthly: I give devise and bequeath the balance of my property to Chlorinda H. Hicock, Louisa M Judd, Sophronia Hoskins, Warner Young, and Flavia Judd to be divided equally among them, and

Lastly: I hereby constitute and appoint Jasper Brewster to be the executor of this my last will and testament ratifying this and no other as my last will and testament – in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifth one.

Esther Young

We the undersigned at the request of the above named Esther have signed this which she declares to be her last will and testament.

Madison Oct 25, 1851

Witnesses: Andrews Merriman Orson Hanks

(Research courtesy of Mark Young)

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