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1Scouting for the Mormons on the Great Frontier - Authored by Sidney A. Hanks and E. Kay Hanks

2Men of the Rockies, Chapter III - Authored by N. C. Hanks (1944)

3The Tempered Wind - Authored by Sidney Alvarus Hanks. A biography of Thisbe Quilley Read. Hard copy available in the Special Collections of the BYU Harold B. Lee Library. Call number BX 8670.07 .H194.

4Eph Hanks, Pioneer Scout - Richard K. Hanks Master's Thesis. This book is also available at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, call number BL 19.02 .H365 1973. A very well researched work. Very much worth reading.

  • Richard Hanks' Master Thesis (RTF format, about 350k, contributed by Sherry Smith, with thanks to Richard Hanks for his permission to put it on the website. Should be able to open it in most Word Processors)

5Time of Ripening - The Life of Sidney Alvarus Hanks. First five chapters is written about his young years on the Floral Ranch with his parents, Eph and Thisbe Hanks - Authored by Sidney A. Hanks

  • Time of Ripening - (PDF format, transcribed by Sherry Smith with permission, Alva Remington)

6Red Rock Eden - pages 27-28 Commentary on the "underground railroad" at Floral Ranch (Wayne County Utah) for fugitive polygamists.
7The Price We Paid: The Complete Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers - by Andrew D. Olsen
8Eph Hanks - Fearless Mormon Scott by Ivan J. Barrett. Published 1990, by Covenant Communications, Inc. This book is NOT a concise history of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks. Fearless Mormon Scout contains stories that have not been sourced in the Journal History of the LDS Church or the Hanks family record albums. Brother Barrett personally verified to family historian Teton Hanks Jackman that he added some stories and words that are his own for reading appeal. Ivan J. Barrett has recorded some known facts of the life of Eph found in the family volume "Scouting for the Mormons on the Great Frontier," written by Ephraim's son, Sidney Alvarus Hanks. On the back cover of the Ivan's publication printed in February of 1990, is this disclaimer: "Then, like an artist working on fine canvas, he added needed details to create a finished panorama of adventure and romance-a FICTIONALIZED life story that will captivate and intrigue you."
9Fire Under the Covenant by Gerald N. Lund. Story of those handcart pioneers and their exodus to the Salt Lake Valley. Author has used the same techniques present in The Work and the Glory series to blend fictional characters into the tapestry of actual historical events.
10Journal of the Trail by Robert S. Clark & Stewart E. Glazier. A great source for the personal journals of the members of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies.
11Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Companies, by Rebecca Bartholomew and Leonard J. Arrington. This book describes the various rescue efforts for the handcart pioneers of 1856.
12Sweetwater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story by Lee Groberg and Heidi S. Swinton. Dramatic and powerful with nearly seventy newly created paintings, Sweetwater Rescue is real-life history presented in absorbing prose and images. It is the saga of the rescued and their rescuers, the story of people who earned the title "Saints."
13Beneath the Casing Rock, George Smith Rust Family; 1981, 337 pp., by Rust: Zella R. Bennion, Altamont, Utah. Stevenson Genealogy Center, Provo, Utah
14Rainbow Views, a History of Wayne County. Compiled by Anne Snow
15Men of the Rockies, People I Have Known in the Shadow of the Hills - by N. C. Hanks. BYU Call number F 825 .H3 1944
16Remember, compiled by the members of the Riverton Wyoming Stake, 1997, where the tragedy took place. This book was printed in very limited quantities for the members of this stake, and was not available in stores. Large, oversize HARDBACK with approximately 300 pages. (Has 214 pages plus several appendixes).
17Pioneer Pathways, vols 2 & 3, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. County Histories of Utah.
18Little Short of Perfect by E. Kay Hanks, grandson. Family book out of print.
19Wings of Faith by E. Kay Hanks, grandson. Family book out of print.
20Heart Throbs of the West, vols 1, 2, 5-10, 12 by Kate B. Carter
21Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah by Frank Esshom, 1319 pages
22Our Pioneer Heritage, vol 1-4, 7-8, 13-15, 18
23Treasures of Pioneer History, vols 1, 4-6
24An Enduring Legacy, vols 3, 10 by Kate B. Carter
25Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers, Jas. T. Jakeman
26LDS Biographical Encyclopedia by Andrew Jensen, vol 2-3 - Pioneer men & women of a higher type who have been willing to sacrifice fortune and life for the sake of their religion.
27Louisa Pratt, autobiography in Heart Throbs, vol 8
28Comprehensive History of the Church by B. H. Roberts, vol 4
29History of Utah by Orson F. Whitney, vol 1 & 4
30Encyclopedic History of the Church by Andrew Jensen
31Church Chronology by Andrew Jensen
32Mormons & Their Neighbors by Marvin E. Wiggins
33The Ebenezer Hanks Story by Kerry William Bate. Autobiography of Ebenezer Hanks & his ancestors. Provo, Utah; 1982, Call No. 921.73 h194b
34Mormon Battalion: U.S. Army of the West, 1846-1848 by Norma Baldwin Ricketts
35Tell My Story Too: A Collection of Biographical Sketches of Pioneers and Rescuers of the Willie, Martin, Hodgett, Hunt Companies 1856 by Jolene S. Allphin
36Emigrating Journals of Willie & Martin Handcart Companies and the Hunt and Hodgett Wagon Trains by Lynne Slater Turner
37A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War 1846-1847 by Daniel Tyler
38Tragedy and Triumph: Your Guide to the Rescue of the 1856 Willie and Martin Handcart Companies, by Howard K. Bangerter and Cory W. Bangerter
39Up From the Hills, story of Nymphas Coridon Hanks mining accident. Some family background.

40Brigham's Boys, by Marlene Bateman Sullivan. True stories of 16 men who were faithful to the Prophet in the most crucial times--men he knew he could rely on. Read it online at Google Books
41Sacred Places, Wyoming and Utah, by LaMar C. Berrett and A. Gary Anderson
42Descendants of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks, by Teton Hanks Jackman. Her research, photos, histories and pedigrees.
43Broken Trail, by Robert G. Larsen. Correction of errors found in the book, Tempered Wind.
44A Family History of Samuel Read and May Rebecca Arnold by Eva Mae Arnold McAllister and Read Sorensen Arnold. Limited information on Thisbe Quilley Read and Alicia Quilley Read, their family and journey.
45The Martin Handcart Company at the Sweetwater: Another Look Articles - Authored by Chad M. Orton. Read or download pdf article online.
46I Am Ready Now, by J. Phillip Hanks, grandson. 2013 publication. This book brings to light events in the life of Ephraim Hanks which are not widely known or have been hidden in archives of the past.

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